India Gelatine & Chemicals and Wonder Electricals have announced dividend of Rs 10 and more.., know the record date and more.. in 2024

India Gelatine & Chemicals and Wonder Electricals have announced dividend of Rs 10 and more.., know the record date and more.. Wonder electricals has announced dividend of Rs 1 per share, know the record date to be eligible to get the dividend…

announced dividend
About Wonder Electricals

Electrical wonders provides one stop solution to  manufacturing fan companies in India they offer multiple integrated design and manufacturing solutions of local and internationally companies and to durable FAN brands. The company  provide solution under 2 business model that is OEM and ODM model the company provide services for manufacturing, quality testing and packaging to logistics.

The company has developed its own Research and Development(R&D) center of its own with Undertaker manufacturing and supply of this product to multiple companies in India and intern distribute this product under their own brand name wonder Electricals. The company came with an IPR and got  and NSE  on 6th August 2019.

Wonder Electricals -Stocks Analysis

Upcoming Dividends: The company declared dividend of Rs 1 per share and the record date set by the company for dividend is on 14th March 2024. 

The company market capital is around Rs 729.07 Crore and the P/E ratio of the company is 80.00 whereas the Return on Equity is 11% which is best returns provided to its share holders by the company in a financial year. Return on capital employed(ROCE) of the company is 27% in the financial year.

Historical Performance of the company 1-Year High is 568.00 and 1-Year Low 183.00. Where as other deeper analysis of the returns if we observe is 3-Year High is 568.00 and 3-Year Low is 122.45, 5-Year High is 568.00 and 5-Year Low is 122.45.

The above image is only for reference of the reader the promoters holding remains unchanged in the December 2023 of 71% and FII & FPI have increased the holding between 10 to 12% in the December 2023.

Moving to India Gelatine & Chemicals

India Gelatine & Chemical was started in 1973, when the company was formed, India Gelatine & Chemicals to produce world-class gelatine in its state-of-the-art factory in Vapi, Gujarat. The journey of the company began more than fourty years ago in 1975, when the promoters primarily produced ossein (the raw material for gelatine) from crushed bones and exported it to Japan with technical collaboration from M/S Konica Gelatin Corporation of Japan.

India Gelatine & Chemical has announced the dividend of Rs 10 per share and the record date for the dividend is 15th March 2024. If you want make profit and earn extra money from the share of India Gelatine & Chemical buy the shares before the record date that is 15th March 2024.

Currently the share price of India Gelatine & Chemical is on date is Rs 427per share. The company produces multiple products like PHOTOGRAPHIC GELATINE, EDIBLE GELATINE, TECHNICAL GELATINE and PHARMACEUTICAL GELATINE.

India Gelatine & Chemical Market Cap is ₹ 289.68Cr and the P/E ratio of the company is 9.00, where as the company has an Dividend Yield of 0.86%. Return on capital employed(ROCE) of the company India Gelatine & Chemical is 23.17% and ROE is 17.52%. Promoters holding have remained unchanged to 62%. Buy the stock before the record date to earn the extra cash from your investment.

The above image is for reference only. As from the list we can see that the company has made an profit on year of the increasing percentage. The net profit has increased by the 1.8% by last financial year of the company. The company has seen good rising cash flow in the company and cash from its operating mode. The stock is currently trending with 52 weeks high as on the date.

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