Looking for Internship in the Domain of AI/ML?, Kramah Software has announced hiring for internships…

Looking for Internship in the Domain of AI/ML, Kramah Software has announced hiring for internships, know the last date to apply…

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About the Kramah Software Company

Kramah Software is one of the IT based service company. The company provides Solutions for Recruiting, developing, cost effective software development, providing services and technology combination to the multiple client.

The company has more focused on the domain of education, healthcare and more domain of the services. The company has an offering of software development, automation and Analytics software. The Company has an IT expertise and accreditation excellence in NAAC, NBA, OBE and more.

Company Job Description for Internships

The company is hiring for the role AI/ML Internship Opportunity. The job location/internship location provided by the company is  Bengaluru, Work From Office

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • The company is looking for the candidate From Multiple Background like Must hold a degree in CS, IS, or related fields such as BE, BTech, BSc, BCA, or MCA.
  • The candidate should be Proficiency in AIML programming with PHP coding is required.
  • The internship is open to all type of individual looking to develop career in the domain of the AI/ML. This internship is not limited to recent college graduates; candidates with relevant skills and experience are encouraged to apply.
  • The Internship duration is that the candidate should be available for minimum of 6th month for the internships
  • The candidate should be graduated in the 2022, 2023, 2024 are eligible to apply for the role.

Selection Process:

  • The Candidates has to undergo a written technical interview.
  • Successful candidates who pass the technical interview and agree to the terms of the internship will be provided the chance of Internships.
What is an AI/ML? Lets Just give an Glance

The keyword stands for AI/ML stands for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence is an the simulation or process of human intelligence by Robots, machines and more. Artificial intelligence has multi complex process to process the data and produce the results across the mode of requirements. The process has an learning, valuating and then self-correction mode.

Where as an Machine learning is an sub mode of the Artificial Intelligence which has more focus on the development of algorithms and statistical models to perform task and process the complex task without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning algorithm uses data over the time to learn and improve the performance of the model and service.

Added Tips to get hired at first impression

What do an candidate need to know before apply for any AI/ML internships?

The candidate should be to do Research and understand the state-of-the-art in AI/ML algorithms and techniques.

The candidate should also be able  Collaborate with the data scientists for collecting and preprocess, and also to analyse data for model training and evaluation.

The candidate should be able to Design and to  implement machine learning models with an  algorithms to address specific business or technical challenges as and when required by company.

The candidate should be able to Optimize and fine-tune models for best performance, high scalability, and better efficiency.

The individual or candidate should also be able to Develop scalable and robust reliable software infrastructure to support AI/ML workflows, which including data pipelines, model training, and deployment.

The candidate should also be Evaluate the process and should be to  integrate third-party AI/ML libraries and tools as needed for the development and client requirement.

One of the best way to gain knowledge is keep ourselves updates with the latest developments in AI/ML technologies and methodologies in the global market

Finally the key to success comes from effective communication with stakeholders or client to explain technical concepts and present the findings and recommendations for the project requirement.

How to apply for the AI/ML Internship Opportunity at Kramah Software?
Click on the below link provided and prepare the resume according to the job description and apply..
Apply Link: https://www.kramah.com/career/ The job is in current open position.

Disclaimers: Thinkota provides Job and internship updates for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered as career advice. Thinkota.com is not liable or responsible for any losses incurred by the reader.

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