Ok Play has announced an stocks splits of 1:10 ratio, stocks see rally, know the record date and more…

Ok Play has announced an stocks splits of 1:10 ratio, stocks see rally. Ok Play India Limited is an Indian toy making company which was founded in the year 1990 creating a multiple categories toys for the children.  ok play has been developing toys of the plastic and using plastic moulding Technology. 

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The company has great values in the development of toys for the children in terms of development of children, design excellence, the highest quality standard in the toy brand and looking at the safer side of the children, to company uses plastic as they are durable, static, whether sustain and fire resistance, moreover it requires low maintenance and most of them are free from chemical resistance.

Upcoming Stock Splits Announced By Ok Play

Ok Play has announced an stocks splits of 1:10 ratio and the record date set by the company for its stocks splits on 11th March 2024. Buy the stock before the record date to earn the splits benefits. The face value of the shares after split would be go down from Face value of Rs 10 to Rs 1.

As we that the share holding pattern of the company from promoter side has decreased from 49% approximately to 45% in past few quarters. The company profit has been stable growth in the past few quarters. Ok Play has the market capital of the approx of 500Cr.

The above image is for reference of the profits made by the company. This is an approx data sourced by the author from multi source and chart is prepared for reference purpose only. We don’t actually indicate the real data of the Ok Play company. This is for informational purpose only.

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